Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's in a name?

Many people compliment me on the name Timberwerks Studio and remark how fitting it is for a furniture maker. Actually I chose to name my studio Timberwerks not for the connection of wood and furniture but for my dog Timber and the timber wolf. In my mid to late twenties I volunteered much of my time working at the Timber Wolf Preservation Society here in Wisconsin. I helped maintain the grounds and built shelters for the wolves. During that time I formed a bond with a number of the wolves. It was a very rewarding experience. Since then I married and started my own business so I'm not as active as I once was with the timber wolves but I treasure the time I did get to spend with them. I'm very fortunate to have had such an experience and this is my way of keeping the memories close to me. Above is a photo of Timber.